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DeBullardsphere - we are all winning from this!

Hey, this is actually good news! Yes, the blogosphere has been slandered from all sides lately, but (BUT) the blogosphere is being noticed. It is being exposed. It is debated about. Its concept, its content, its local existence. And not only between bloggers, but within the media, between people who didn’t know what blogs were […]

Pac-Man re-discovered!

Finlay, found close to Sterkfontein, the famous Pac-Man skeleton has been discovered…and as a former Anthropology student, this pic really cought my attention
This Pac-Man skeleton was actually developed by Le Gentil Garçon and paleontologist François Escuilié, and modeled after skulls of predatory animals!
It’s taking gaming culture to a whole new level…

5 simple pleasures of a Groogle

The tag came from Victoire a while ago, and Aquila acted as an added motivating force to write this post. And this was fun to write, as it allowed me to sit back and just think about the simple pleasures in life. It’s just nice to actually be conscious of our self induced delights once […]

It’s gotten cold quite suddenly…