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The Terminal, The Mango, and Yardley perfume

932481the-terminal-posters.jpgI feel like I’m starring the main role in the The Terminal - Vol.2. The newspaper stand next to me just rolled down its blinds, there is a cleaner polishing the floor…I should be in Cape Town by now, but my Mango Airlines flight has been delayed for over one and a half hours.

The wireless Internet access has, till now, kept me sane, but I have been starting to stalk people on Facebook…that’s when you know you’re getting bored online. I even tried to take a walk, and when I reached an area where the scent of an Ocean Basket meal and that of the ladies Yardley duty free perfume overcame me I headed back to my seat, so I’m back online, once again…

What is absolutely mindboggling, is that every single airline, which is delayed, has announced this, except for Mango. I’ve never flown the orange alternative, but already I have jottet them down into my little black book of dislikes.

There is also a beautiful Samsung LCD TV bolted against the shiny wall. It shows that my flight is delayed, starring at it viscously doesnt seem to change that fact, and when it reminds me of my present situation, then it loops some crappy travel advert, it’s underlying theme-song being ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’.

Groogle is waiting…

Oh kak, there are kids screetching now, I think they waiting for the same flight…

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  1. Comment by Nikki on September 28, 2007 3:52 pm

    I find it so weird how screaming children are always on the same flight as me. I loved this post of yours. I totally related to you Mango experience. Tell me did you pilot nearly kill you on landing? Our landing was so bad I thought he was going to flip the plane. I didn’t even realise you could do that. Hectic.

  2. Comment by Groogle on October 8, 2007 5:07 pm

    Nikki, actually, yes…the landing was absolutley horrible…it felt like the plane would bounce back into the air…never, never, ever again!

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