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Podcasting your blog posts with odiogo


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Mark Comerford gave an inspiring and informative presentation yesterday, with a focus on digitization processes within media companies. One tool he briefly presented, and which I have seen on his blog too, is a text-to-speech converter called odiogo.

Odiogo creates a podcast from your latest online content and adds it into a RSS feed, allowing you to offer a podcast with any content posted on your site/blog.

What is really great about this technology is the fact that it allows for your content to be mobilized, as it is accessible on a variety of platforms, ranging from computers, to MP3 players, and to Mobile phones. Blog users can easily add the odiogo plugin and are basically podcasting with every blog post.

As much as this might seem like a bit of a gimmick, I think that this technology is very useful. A system such as this one is great to combat literacy problems with ones audience. Further it’s a great aid for visually impaired internet users and lastly, it is a great application to have on a mobile device. Instead of reading content on a small mobile screen, it is much more convenient to listen to the content. It even works on the iPhone and the iTouch :).

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