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UPDATE on today’s Facehack

Things have escalated since this mornings post about the Facebook confusion. It seems like Facebook has been scrambled to the extent that people are receiving invites from people they have never met, and every-time one refreshes ones Inbox it shows someone else’s Inbox. Alot of confusion and mumbling going on in the office at the […]

So many friends I didn’t know about…

So after logging into Facebook this morning I noticed an entire page of new messages in my Inbox. Just kinda weird that I don’t have a clue who those faces are, and it’s also kinda freaky that my cubicle neighbour has the exact page of messages and also knows none of ‘em. Is the great […]

Introducing The Times Vodcasts

If you haven’t had the chance to check out The Times’ new vodcasts then go and have a peek here and here. They are hosted on the Colin-Daniels-built Podcast portal. Jason is presenting the Von Vodcast, which focuses on local celebrity interviews, where as Carly is hosting the fun and up-beat Off Beat & On […]

Facebook should have never been opened up to developers…

…this is just getting way to ridiculous! It’s hard enough to combat those moral choices of declining group invitations who call for the support to fight issues such as dying rainforrests, poverty stricken children, and extinct pandas. Now Facebook’s uber-generated features are becoming more of an irritation instead of stimulating any kind of thoughtful networking […]