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Some more harsh insight into the real Zimbabwe

Viewer discretion advised!
I came across this photo stream on flickr. It’s the photo stream of Sokwanele - Zvakwana, a peoples’ movement, embracing supporters of all pro-democratic political parties, civic organizations and institutions.
Do yourself a favour and pass this on, as these images depict what is going on in the country, of which we merely hear […]

Twitter for global voyeurs

Some of us Twitter users (and I am a new active member) have been looking at ways of consuming our daily tweets most efficiently. I am really enjoying Twhirl, it just works, and is a very handy application (thx Justin for the link).
But then I also found a really appealing way of consuming tweets. Imagine […]

How to increase your Flickr! stats

I have been part of the Flickr! community since April 20th, 2005. This was my first uploaded pic:

I started using Flickr as a visual diary, using my mobile phone to document my life as a student. Then I started using Flickr as a storage mechanism, to keep some of my pictures safe from my volatile […]

Pick n Pay makes a Web 2.0 move

I wonder if the designers of the new Pick n Pay logo are regular flickr users?
Ok, ok, they left away the dot on the eye and darkened the colour combination a little…but even the taglines¬† “Inspired by you” vs. “Loves you” sound familiar!
On a serious note, this re-design strikes me as odd. Firstly, […]