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World Wide Media Perceptions of 2007

Bruno Gilles and Nicolas Kayser initiated a project that visualizes the geographical focus of selected mainstream media outlets.
The map below shows the world through the eyes of media outlets during 2007. Some countries bulge as they receive more media attention; others shrink as they are forgotten - click on the list of publications below to […]

Avusa Innovation-Lab (iLab) takes form

So the exciting news of the day has already been presented by Justin Hartman. Justin announced this morning his new position as Avusa’s iLab Digital Innovation Manager, and I am very happy to announce that I’ll be working very closely with him, Colin Daniels (Publisher:Times Online and iLab’s brainchild), and Ian Barnes (Lead […]

South African homeless blogger goes live

David Bullard approached Justin and myself a while ago. He told us that he met this homeless guy called Alfred, who lives on the streets of Rosebank. David suggested that Alfred would make a brilliant blogger since he is a very literate chap and has very interesting stories to tell…
We set up a meeting with […]

South African newspaper fires sub-editor over blogging confidential company information on opposition papers moderated blogging portal

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