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How to increase your Flickr! stats

I have been part of the Flickr! community since April 20th, 2005. This was my first uploaded pic:

I started using Flickr as a visual diary, using my mobile phone to document my life as a student. Then I started using Flickr as a storage mechanism, to keep some of my pictures safe from my volatile […]

South Africa’s first interactive newspaper introduces multimedia Facebook app

We’ve now launched two Facebook apps which incorporate some of our content on the popular social network and to give our online-readers and Facebook group members a worthwhile application to use. Justin developed the two apps which work brilliantly!
The first is the Facebook Multimedia application, which brings you the latest featured video direct to your […]

Testing Flock Beta 1

It has been a while since I have used Flock. I stopped using it as it became relative unstable at one point. Last week Flock Beta 1 was released and I gave it a try, well, I’m actually giving it a try as I write. I’m using the built in Blog Editor to write this […]