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Zim inflation reaches 1 000 000 percent

On the 22nd of April I blogged about the Zimbabwe inflation rate reaching 164,900.3%. Back then, I considered that being quite an extreme inflation rate. But I have changed my mind. 164,900.3% sounds quite insignificant when the inflation rate is now at over 1,000,000% - and that within a month of my last post! This […]

Some more harsh insight into the real Zimbabwe

Viewer discretion advised!
I came across this photo stream on flickr. It’s the photo stream of Sokwanele - Zvakwana, a peoples’ movement, embracing supporters of all pro-democratic political parties, civic organizations and institutions.
Do yourself a favour and pass this on, as these images depict what is going on in the country, of which we merely hear […]

This is what 1 Billion Dollars look like

My good friend Russell gave me 1 Billion Dollars for my birthday. Now that’s what I call a good friend! This might look like monopoly money to you, but trust me, monopoly money is worth more than this stack of 10 000 000 Zim Dollar Notes. As I write this (21.04.2008) […]

Reality check!

Hunting Africa’s Impoverished Illegals … watch this SKY video, read the story … when will our government actually realise how pathetically they are dealing with this?